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Compass Course on Fort Greely

posted Jun 14, 2016, 8:51 AM by
Civil Air Patrol is training again.  The 27th Delta Force Squadron was out this weekend running a compass course.  Senior Members (1Lt. & Squadron Commander) Byron Smith, M. Brian McElroy, Emily Schenk, and Mr. Rocky Senatore, inspected the Cadets “24hr BAG” which is for the Cadets to participate in a live Search and Rescue mission, and lead teams on a compass course around Fort Greely. 
The training mission began with a safety and operations briefing conducted by Cadet Chief Master Sargent Jacob Baugh.  C/Chief Baugh has many years experience with CAP and has been an example to the Cadets regarding Military bearing and leadership.  Special thanks goes out to C/Chief Baugh for volunteering so much of his time to the 27th Squadron.

The mission was very successful and the Cadets learned skills needed to prepare and conduct a search and rescue if called upon by the FAA, National Guard, FEMA, or the US Air Force.  Many agencies rely on the Civil Air Patrol and the 27th Delta Force Squadrons of Senior members and Cadets want to be ready.  Exercises like this one is what makes CAP fun and educational for all its members.

The Civil Air Patrol meets on Fort Greely each week year round on Thursday nights at building 100.  Visit our web page and come by and see what the CAP program has for boys and girls ages 12+ year and up.  See you next Thursday.

Written by SM M. B. McElroy, CAP