Delta Force Squadron - Fort Greely, Alaska

Welcome to Delta Junction/Fort Greely Alaska, home of the Delta Force Cadets! 

We are looking for new members to join our exciting and challenging organization. We invite you and your 12 - 18 year old to stop by
and visit with our Senior members and Cadets to find out what we do and what we can offer both adults and cadets.

We meet at 6pm EVERY Thursday night in Building 100 (aircraft hanger) on Allen Army Air Field. You can get directions to the hanger
from the security guard at the main gate entry point. If you don't have authorized access to the post, contact Capt Stephen Staska
@ 907-888-8960 or 1st Lt Byron Smith @ 270-307-3823  to arrange for an escort to the hanger. 

I and all the members and cadets look forward to meeting you at our next meeting.Thank you for visiting the Delta Force Civil Air Patrol website.

1st Lt Byron Smith
Delta Force Squadron